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Tailor Made Tours enjoys a very high level of client satisfaction and repeat business.
These recorded testimonials from our clients reflect the level of service of Tailor Made Tours and the overall experience in Israel.



Just some 'Thank You' words from our clients....

November, 2015
B. World Organization has been collaborating with Tailor Made Tours Israel throughout many years. Our first booking took place in 2010.
We wish to acknowledge the successful completion of May 2015 (more than 1200 participants) and September 2015 (more than 700 participants) conferences of Christians from all over the world.
Thank you for  your amazing work and support!
Best regards,
May, 2015
With Tailor Made Tours comes experience of handling overseas clients efficiently.
They have managed our tours to Israel for Agritech convention in the past years and have successfully handled all the services including Accommodtion, Visa processing, Farm and technical visits as well as other support.
On the whole, the experience with Tailor Made Tours has been a brilliant one, and we surely prefer and count on Tailor Made for making arrangement for our group travelling to Israel in future.
R. V.
Managing Director
May, 2015
We are collaborating with the esteemed organization Tailor Made Tours Israel as of the year 2001. During the years we are operating many thousands of believers from E. to Israel with Tailor Made. Their responsibility was for ground handling A to Z including entry visas, hotels, festive meals and celebrations, weddings and more...
We navigate pilgrimage movement to the holy land since 1965 and with many operational difficulties. We may say in a clear way that today we have come to the best point as our believers are receiving the best services on ground.
God bless you.
Mrs G. with Love from Africa

October, 2015
Tailor Made Tours is the BEST! They are the top touring company in a very competitive market! A great big thanks to this Tel Aviv-based company for making our on-going Israel convention and tour experience a stellar one!
More than 300 people - 33 countries - 7 languages!!!
December, 2015
International Basic Leadership Training & Skill Acquisition arranged by Tailor Made was Excellent. Quality of accommodation and meals exceeded our expectations.
Prof. V. C. A., Nigeria
March, 2014
Девочки мои дорогие!
Я с большой любовью и признательностью вспоминаю вашу заботу обо мне.
Нет слов, чтобы описать, как я довольна нашим сотрудничеством, вашим профессионализмом и таким душевным подходом и ко мне, и к моим клиентам, и к нашему огромному фестивалю в целом.
Откровенно сказать за все 15 лет работы, имея прекрасных крупных партнеров и друзей по всей Европе, таких партнеров я не встречала. Компания Тейлор Мэйд затмила всех))
Эдита.P. Russia
June, 2012
Dear Josephine,
I want you to know how delighted we were with you and the entire staff of Tailor Made Tours Israel Ltd.
You did and outstanding job in organizing our Third International Bible Conference in Israel.
Although we had a large and very diverse group of over 300 participants coming from nearly seventy countries you helped everything to run smoothly. We had high expectations and yet you managed to exceed them in a most wonderful and surprising way, everyone went away with cherished memories.
We have no hesitation in highly recommending your company and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Warmest regards,
Clinton. W., ph.D
Associate Director
June, 2009
Mrs Zinder,
I would like to thank you for your excellent work and service provided to the Seventh-day Adventists in Israel and from all over the world. You and your team have organized for our Church several conventions and conferences, the General Conference World Jewish-Adventist Friendship Convention in 2006, the Trans-European Division Treasurers meeting in 2007, some other Adventist conferences and conventions in 2008, and your excellent answers to the Israel Field’s needs of hotels in the Dead Sea and Eilat in many years. Thank you again for your help. May our God bless your company to share the light of Israel, its land and people with many groups of visitors in the Bible land.
Sincerely yours"
Richard E,
 April, 2008
".....ברצוני להמליץ בחום על טיילור מייד תיירות בע"מ. ....זכינו לקבל טיפול מקצועי, אמין ויעיל
עבור כ- 1000 איש, ילדים ונוער סטודנטים ומבוגרים שהגיעו מארה"ב , רוסיה ושוויץ......אני חייב לומר שטיילור מייד נמצאים היום ברף הגבוה ביותר של מובילי התיירות בישראל מכל מני בחינות : ברמת
השירות הגבוהה, בהליך תפעול מקצועי ביותר ובתשומת לב פרטנית עבור כל לקוח ולקוח. "
בברכה ובכבוד רב,
ד. א.

February, 2003
"...טיילור מייד עמדה בהצלחה רבה עם שימת לב לפרטים הקטנים והגדולים כאחד עם שרות לבבי ללקוח
והמון לב ונשמה. עליי לומר שחברת טיילור מייד כשמה כן היא , אכן תופרת חליפות תיירות למערך לקוחותיה , כל לקוח וחליפתו הוא...."
יוליה ק.
קונגרס העולמי היהודי


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